September 2007, DN-89

Some of the Articles Include:

  • Welcome Dr. Bourdon: With the resignation of Director John S. Rienzo, Jr., Dr. Stanley Bourdon has been selected as a new Director of the Divco Club of America. In his own words he describes how he became interested in Divco, and club doings.

  • Annual Club Dinner: Once again Barb Parmelee is planning a night to remember for Divco Club members and milk truck fans. We have complete details of where, when, and how much, along with a report about the club's participation (or lack thereof) in the Hershey AACA Car Show this year.

  • More Divco Doin's this Summer: In our "Member News" feature, we feature news of members, and what they've been doing this summer with Divcos and other multi-stop trucks at some of America's best loved automobile and truck shows.

  • A Meeing of Milk Truck, Meat and the Media: Jay Crist and his Divco/Twin star in a meat market commercial, and Jay fills us in on all the gorey (or at least simulated) details.

  • Old Truck-New Superstore: If you live on the East Coast, you may have heard of Stew Leonard's. Ron Sussman had, and he'd also heard they had a restored Divco. Ron caught up with it at the opening of their new Stew Leonard's Superstore, and he shares the photos, while we elaborate with more information about the company and its history.

  • Cream of his Collection: Brian Bower was recently featured in an article about his milk bottle and milk truck collecting hobby. We reprint it in its entirerity, by permission.

  • A Day in the Dessert: Ken Lego treats us to a photo essay on the trucks of Anderson Dairy in Las Vegas. He also takes a look at another side of Boyertown bodied vehicles.

  • Then and Now: John Straight returned to the same street scene and reproduced it, complete with Divco, nearly 60 years later!

  • Plus the Thorne Corner, Divco Toychest, Mailbox, classifieds, Lego-Land and much more!

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