July 2007, DN-88

Some of the Articles Include:

  • Still Doing Divcos: Christiansen's Dairy in North Providence, RI still sends a fleet of Divco milk trucks onto the streets every delivery day. Bob Goveau and his wife visited with owners Jay and Deb Christiansen, and got a first person tour of the plant, the truck fleet, and even some great photos, which they share.

  • Convention Recap: The folks at the Shatto Milk Company really know how to throw a party, and DCoA members and milkmen from all over the continent enjoyed a bunch of them during the Milkmen's Reunion and 2007 Divco Club of America Convention in Cameron, MO. We've got the words to describe it, and the pictures to prove it!

  • Canada's Dairy Museum: North of the border, Andre Van Kasteren and his wife Lotty have created a wonderful museum to the dairy industry and the "good old days" not so long ago. The Van Kasterens share their vision, and their museum in an article.

  • Milk Trucks at Macungie: Once again DCoA members created "Milky Way Lane" under the shade tree at the Antique Truck Club of America (ATCA) annual gathering in Macungie, PA. Barb Parmelee recaps the weekend with text and photos.

  • Mirrored McFlurry: Picture a mirror ball in the shape of a Divco. Now picture it full size, in fact picture it as a real truck, used in a Japanese McDonalds commercial so successfully, that the "star" was shipped to Japan for personal appearances!

  • Seeing Red: Mike Buiter shares details of the restoration of his 1951 Model 11 Divco.

  • A Most Rare Delivery: What would happen if the two most rare Divcos in existence hit the road together? Find out in this report by Jay Crist, who happened to deliver them back home to Ohio. See the world's only remaining Model A Divco AND a fully restored Model H Divco, all on the same page, and in the same photo!

  • Summer Vending Trucks: Ken Lego's Boyertown column illustrates the trucks built for summertime sales on city streets.

  • Milk Days and More: Ken also treats us to a Photo Essay Extra, the trucks of Dean's Foods and how their logos have changed over the years. He uses a parade at this year's Milk Days in Harvard, IL as an introduction.

  • Building a (TOY) Divco One Block at a Time: This issue we have more information about toy delivery trucks than ever. A real Lego® Divco in toy scale, a scale custom Divco car hauler, and word about a line of all new Divco models coming soon!

  • Making a Muscle Milk Truck: Our Custom Column this issue features Rick Christiansen's "Muscle Milk" Divco, created to promote a product from Cytomax. It's a winner!

  • Plus columns from our other regular contributors, Letters, Classified Ads & More!

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