Recommended Links

Now that you've visited the site for the Divco Club of America, perhaps you might like to visit other sites our members have recommended.

We haven't visited all of these ourselves (yet) and cannot promise that the links are current, but here are some of our members' favorites:

  • is the site for the National Association of Milk Bottle Collectors. NAMBC is a DCoA member.

  • is the website Jack Heritage, a DCoA Member (and head honcho of Heritage's Dairy) has established to follow the restoration of a pair of twin Divcos he recently acquired.

  • Balford Farms Dairy website, with neat Divco photos and their "moosletter." Balford Farms is a DCoA member.

  • Mori Milk & Ice Cream website. This is the site of a Dean's Foods Divco Club member in Illinois.

  • is the website of the wonderful America's Ice Cream and Dairy Museum at Elm Farm, and their Once Upon a Sundae Ice Cream Parlor, operated by DCoA Members Carl and Sherry Abell.

  • another dairy site.

  • the site for the Ice Screamer's Club

  • Cows, Canada is a Canadian Ice Cream Parlour Company (with at least one US store too) which also sells a line of "Cow related" merchandise like t-shirts, boxer shorts, stuffed toys, etc.

  • is the home page for DCoA member Oliver Ogden, who also edits the Goat Dairy column for The Milk Route.

  • is the website for DCoA member Gregg Hinlickey who is a very talented commercial artist. Not much Divco, though some great beer ads, etc.

  • Is the home page for DCoA member Jeff Grissop who in addition to Divco Trucks is also into old buses, VW's and many other things as well.

  • is the website for members Bill and Clint Peters who restored a Divco in Borden's scheme for their father. They also have a unique 6' tall Elsie mannequin shown on the site.

  • is the website for member Martha Youngblood who tells a tale about workplace safety and the need for more regulations with anatomical gifts. It is a public awareness site.

  • is the site for "Milk Bottle News" published in the United Kingdom, but with interests in milk bottles everywhere.

  • is the website for the Seattle Seafair Clowns, a member organization in the Divco Club, and operators of a Divco clown car in many Pacific Northwest parades, functions and events.

  • is a site with photos and recollections of a recent joint convention between the Divco Club of America, the National Association of Milk Bottle Collectors, and the Cream Separators.

  • is the webstie for Cycle Shots LLC / Rod Shots, a business that does custom graphics and offers neat hot rod and cycle materials for the serious (and not so serious) afficionado. The owners are members of the Divco Club.

Do you have any sites you'd like to suggest? Please e-mail us at DCoA members with sites of their own, please let us know so we can also include them here.

Thank you for your suggestions.