May 2009, DN-99

Some of the Articles Include:

  • Ideal Guernsey Farms Dairy: This was once the largest Guernsey Dairy in the world, delivering wholesome Guernsey milk to customers all over New Jersey, and more. Ideal operated the "ideal" dairy farm, as well as processing plant and delivery operations. To recreate the story of this legendery farm operation, Dottie Sokola tracked down the heirs of the owner. It's all here in our cover story for May, 2009

  • Once a Kid, at Cloverland: Ed Smith was a milkman before he was a man. Here he reminisces about his days doing a milk route as a 12-year old, who couldn't even drive the truck. He also shows us his beautifully restored Divco which evokes his days at this Baltimore dairy.

  • Boyertown Schulz Baking Bodies: This issue we welcome a new columnist, Dan Olsen, an archivist for the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles, and an expert at Boyertown's Mult-Stop Delivery output takes over the helm of this feature.

  • Trucks of Allentown: Robert Wood made a neat find at a swap meet, and in this story he shows the photos of Allentown, PA delivery trucks he's recently added to his collection.

  • Milkman For a ANOTHER Day: Ed and Dottie Sokola have done it again, inviting people to pose with their milk truck at restaurants around their home. This time they even went one better, doing it at a car show/cruise at a restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

  • Lawton Bros. Dairy: In this Extra Photo Essay Ken Lego takes us back to the days of the Lawton Brothers Dairy in Dixon, IL. sharing photos and memories of this family owned firm.

  • The ABC's of Snub Noses: In his Divco Lit 101 Column, Phil Hall outlines the differences between Divco models A, B, & C.

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