March 2009, DN-98

Some of the Articles Include:

  • Virginia is for Divcos: It's going to be July before you know it, and that means you need to make plans now to attend the 2009 Divco Club Convention and Milkmen's Reunion in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Chairman Bill Earhart details all the latest information about registration, events and activities.

    • umman-Olson Delivery: G-O has been building trucks for a long time, but we've never profiled them before. Tom Truhlar corrects that oversite for us, and also gives us a look at the spectacular job he's done restoring a 1953 Step-Van to like-new condition.

    • Boyertown Bakery Bodies: In the second part of his bakery series, Ken Lego shows us some of the more modern Boyertown Bakery Trucks turned out by the Pennsylvania body builder.

    • Where the Trucks Are: Jay Crist's new column is picking up steam. This issue we have a much larger calendar of upcoming events for you to choose from. Go visit. You just might find a Divco there. Especially if you take yours!

    • Milkman For a Day: Ed and Dottie Sokola didn't wait for an upcoming truck show. They took their truck "Sweetie" out over the winter and created events of their own, including a great promotion at a local "50s" restaurant, offering to let customers become a "milkman for a day." They had a lot of fun, and we have the pictures to prove it!

    • More to do in Shenandoah: Instead of his normal Thorne Corner Column, Bif Florey visits another Virginia dairy with a Divco.. .this one right on their glass milk bottles. He tells us all about Homestead Dairy and the truck they illustrate so well.

    • Dairies around Grand Rapids: In a Photo Essay Extra, Roger Haadsma joins Ken Lego in looking at views of some of the local dairy delivery trucks from this Michigan community. They're familiar to him.. they're all from his collection!

    • Plus the Toy Chest, Letters, Classifieds, Divco Literature and much more. But you have to be a member to receive this issue!