January 2010, DN-103

Some of the Articles Include:

  • Forgotten Divcos, Dividends:  In a photo essay, Ken Lego shows various views of this larger sized and much less known brother to the snub-nosed Divco delivery truck.

  • Hood Grinding and Goo Guns:  Nick Tisch shares a letter from a former Divco employee about his days at the factory on Hoover Road, and his family connections to the firm.

  • 1/43 Models:  In his Toy Chest column, Doug Campbell reviews various versions of scale model Divcos made in 1/43 scale over the years.

  • A Time for Tour Wagons: Dan Olsen's Boyertown column shows several examples of early "Class A" motorhomes.. built before motorhomes were even classed!

  • High Lawn Farms: David Knight remembers the dairy he knew as a child in Massachusetts.

  • Quincy Dairy Trucks: In a Photo Essay Extra, Ken Lego shares views of trucks from several Illinois dairies.

  • Plus classifieds, letters, literature and more!