November 2008, DN-96

Some of the Articles Include:

  • A Virtual Milktruck: Our cover features a new 3D graphic of a suspiciously Divco looking milk truck, created and marketed on the Web by Meshbox Graphics. We interviewed the firm's art director to find out all about it.

    • rshey '08 Recap: If you missed the fun in the fields, and the Annual Club Dinner gathering, you missed a LOT. But you can at least find out how much you missed by reading Barb Parmelee's follow-up article.

    • Convention 2009: DCoA's Bill Earhart has volunteered to chair this year's big 2009 Divco Club Convention and Milkmen's Reunion. We've got all the early details about dates, times and location, plus a survey form so you can help make the coming event even better!

    • Cheese Days, Cruizin' and Express: Divco owners have been busy this summer with car shows, cruise nights, and appearances on TV and in the movies. We've got all the details of what you missed, and what you should still be watching for.

    • Boyertown Flatbeds: Ken Lego takes us on a photo-essay look flat-out interesting trucks made by this PA manufacturer.

    • Santa at the Swap Meet: Ok, he claims he's a mere mortal, but Editor Les Bagley believes he's unmasked that legendary holiday happiness maker, Santa. He reveals Mr. Claus' secret identity in this Divco News exclusive.

    • Holiday Stuff for the Divco Nut: Our annual excursion into what every Divco fan would like to find under the tree, including everything from aprons to virtual trucks. (Sorry, we couldn't find anything that started with a z.)

    • In-Field Delivery: Ever seen a Divco tractor? Here's your chance, because it looks like Ed Barnett has found one!

    • Walker Dynamotive: You probably have never seen one of THESE before, especially one that runs and drives and is completely restored! Jay Crist has one, and Bif Florey does the story about it in his Thorne Corner column.

    • Plus the Toy Chest, Letters, Classifieds, Divco Literature and much more. But you have to be a member to receive this issue!