July 2008, DN-94

Some of the Articles Include:

  • AACA Multi-Stop Display: A new display of Multi-Stop delivery trucks, organized by Jay Crist is now being featured in the Antique Auto Club of America Museum in Hershey, PA. Jay gives us photos and details. But it will only be there this summer!

  • Macungie Memories: Again this year, a number of DCoA members displayed their trucks at the Antique Truck Club of America show in Macungie, PA. Barb Parmelee has a rundown of who showed what, who showed up, and who chowed down as well.

  • Pretty in Paint & Stencils: Nick Tisch is coming ever closer to having a fully restored truck. This episode of his progress has his truck undergoing a beauty treatment in the paint shop.

  • Authentic Mat Finish: Want really authentic "tired" floor mats for your delivery truck? We've got the scoop on the latest company to custom make them, perfectly fit to go into your Divco or other Multi-Stop!

  • A Look in the Laundry: Ken Lego's Boyertown Photo Essay this issue features laundry trucks made by the Boyertown Body Co.

  • Looking Back at Schuring's: In a Photo Essay Extra, Ken explores the visual history of an Illinois Dairy Distributor that's gone through several generations of changes, in products, represented dairies, and even management.

  • One Sweet (Briar) Truck: We've featured Ed and Dottie Sokola's 1957 Model 154 before, when it was custom restored by a Texas school class as a class project. Now it's all done over in a customized (and imaginary) dairy paint scheme, and it's a beauty!

  • Divco Movies "Fer Shure!": In his "Straight from the Media" column, John Straight lists movies that featured Divco trucks as bit players. The column also features a pharmaceutical print ad with a Divco.

  • Time to Choose: Election time is drawing near. We have reprinted the list of candidates for our Board of Directors, and this time included their photographs as well. Watch for the offical election ballot coming soon by a separate mailing.

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