January 2008, DN-91

Some of the Articles Include:

  • Getting Involved: In a column written by the Directors, Dr. Stan Bourdon reviews the results of the recent survey conducted to assess the value of adopting new bylaws, and he discusses where and how we go from here.

  • Organic Divco: Our Cover Story features a Divco owned and operated by all-organic Castle Rock Farms of Osseo, WI.

  • Jesse's 2007 Divco: You read right... Jessie Burrows has a Divco registered as a 2007 Street Rod! And Rick Goes' Custom Corner Column gives all the details!

  • Borden's Trucks at 150 - Part II: Over 150 years ago, Gail Borden started his first condensed milk business. That firm grew by leaps and bounds, so that it celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2007. In the second installment of his epic photo essay, Ken Lego traces the look of Borden's motor fleet over the ensuing years.

  • Colorado Climber: Ken Campbell takes us up Pikes Peak (at least most of the way) in his 1951 Divco Model 11, and surprises a police roadblock on the way back down.

  • The Summer of Divco: What did you do last summer? Richard Munro toured car shows in Michigan with his Divco and garnered a bunch of prizes. He gives us the details.

  • Unusual Boyertown Deliveries: Ken Lego also takes us on a photographic tour of some of the unique styles of streamlined trucks put out by the Boyertown Body Works for clients in Pennsylvania, during the remarkable 1930s and 1940s.

  • Plus the Thorne Corner, Divco Toychest, Literature, Club Mailbox, classifieds, Lego-Land and much more!

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